Mar 8, 2014


I received swag items from Celeste of Be You, Not Them today (for the swag bags I send out with each order) and my heart melted a bit when I saw wrapped gift inside the box. Then it melted into a puddle when I unwrapped it. Such a simple gift, but I sobbed a little. Celeste - thank you. You are so sweet, and you have no idea how much this little bunting means to me! It is perfect, thank you! Look at how great the colors match my shutter!! I think I will use it in product photos from now on! ♥

Then I opened my Mon-stor sticker order from Scrawny Girl & got all weepy from love. Shawna had tucked in an art print I had said I loved AND added in some super cute and colorful fabric for me. ♥ It's the simple things, guys. They make me all weepy and sniffly and mushy.

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