Mar 18, 2014

Week 11 - Monstrously Busy.

Happy Tuesday, monster lovin' buddies! I'm covered in thread and fur bits, but taking a break from sewing to check in and share all the monstrously adorable minis I made last week!

And this week, I won't even bombard you with a ton of photos, I squished all the monsters on a shelf and took a picture! Hehe!

Which one of those minis is your favorite?! 

This cutie, dubbed Mr. Mack, is going to be up for grabs in Violet's Buds 3 year maker-versary that launches on the 20th and runs through the 31st! Squee! I am so pumped, there is 25 makers participating in this giveaway. I'm also equally pumped that I get to be a co-host, so you can enter the giveaway here on my blog! :) Be sure to set a daily alarm so you don't miss out on earning the daily entries to increase your odds of winning! :)

Since I am super busy prepping for Zeleny's Mini Eco Market on the 28th, I won't be stocking any new inventory until April most likely. If you can't wait that long to get your mitts on a Mon-stor, no worries - this guy I finished yesterday will be up for grabs in this auction on Facebook - and his starting bid is half of his retail price! Eep! Set up some reminders on your phone for the 21st-24th - don't wanna miss out getting your bid in on this Spring themed Mon-stor!

And if you are up for a road trip, come out and see me the 28th at Zeleny's Mini Eco Market at 111 Main St in Parkville, MO! I will have lots of Mon-stors and mini stuffies, plus Tooth Mon-stors, Gadget Mon-stors and maybe some new totes if I can squeeze them in before the show! ♥

I can hear my sewing machine calling me so I have to scuttle back in there and get to makin'! Can't wait to update next week and show off all the Mon-stors! Eek! :D Have a good week, my monstrously awesome friends!

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