Mar 26, 2014

Week 12 - Hustlin' Hard!

Taking a quick break from the studio to touch up my hair for Zeleny this Friday and post the weekly studio recap!

Last week I was hustlin' hard to get Mon-stors made for launch Zeleny's monthly mini eco markets which is this Friday, from 6-9 at 111 Main St. in Parkville, MO! If you are local, c'mon out and say hi!

I also spent this week hustlin' hard online gathering sponsors for my big four year Envyversary celebration - super stoked to announce in addition to myself, there is 20 Envyversary sponsors and almost 200 entries that can be earned for a chance to win one of 21 prize packs!

Huge shout out to my radical Envyversary sponsors:

You guys, I can't even. The prize line up is amazing. I wish I could enter my own giveaway. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram odds are you have seen a few sneak peeks. I can't wait! The celebration launches April 1st and you can enter through April 9th (with lots of daily entries!) with the winner announced by noon April 10th, the day of my Envyversary! ♥

Now, on to the goods. Here is the monstrously awesome line up from last week's making. I didn't meet my goal of ten Mon-stors but I am making up for that this week - I have already made about 14 new things just since Monday! :D Can't wait to show everything off, been too busy making to stop and snap pictures. 

And actually, now that I look back through the pictures I forgot to photograph one guy, eep! I will have to photograph him in the morning if  the sun comes out, we are supposed to get a lot of storms tomorrow.

So the run-down - if you are local, hit me up at Zeleny in Parkville this weekend. If you aren't, sit tight and get your clicking fingers ready to enter my huge Envyversary celebration next week! Oh, and of course, anything that doesn't sell at Zeleny will get listed this weekend. :) Thanks for being patient with me while I work hard to restock & prep for events! 

Now, it's (past) time to rinse this dye out of my hair, then I got to get back to the studio to finish up a few things for this weekend! Love and monster hugs! ♥

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