Apr 21, 2014


Four years, three hundred and sixty-one days ago I loaded up a U-haul to move half way across the country with a boy I had met online ten years prior but only met in person once before, 30 days prior to moving to the Midwest with him. A week ago, I married that boy. ♥ 

If I hadn't made that wildly crazy on the spot decision to say YES and move to Missouri, Mon-stors never would have been created, I wouldn't be an entrepreneur and small business owner and I wouldn't be married to my best friend right now. Hoorah for my courage and bravery to do life changing decisions without fear of what may or could or would be.


  1. This picture makes me smile! That is all :)

  2. ah such a wonderful story! I love hearing things like this! I took a huge gamble and took some incompletes in classes and switched to online to move back to Spain to be with my (now) hubs. everyone thought I was insane but I've never regretted it. what made you two decide to move to the midwest btw?

  3. SO amazing! I too started my relationship rather 'unconventionally' and it was the best decision I ever made. Cheers to you two!

  4. Hoorah for all the wonderful things in your life and following your heart!

  5. I've selected you for the Liebster Award!! http://www.brittenyoffthehook.com/2014/04/the-liebster-award-discover-new-blogs.html



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