Apr 1, 2014

#creativedaily prompts for April!

Yay! Happy April, creative friends and makers! I am stoked to be starting the fourth month of the #creativedaily photo-a-day challenge today! These prompts were community generated and I am so excited to see what people come up with for these!

If you are new to #creativedaily, it's a daily photography challenge meant to capture the moments, memories and methods of makers & creatives to inspire and infuse each day with a little creativity and show the human side of the people behind the products, the crafts, the art, the designs, the blogs - to show the world what makes each maker so unique, to give your audience a glimpse behind the scenes and demonstrate transparency by showing them the world through your eyes. ♥ Anyone is welcome to participate - you just snap a photo that relates to the correlating prompt and post it to social media with the hashtag #creativedaily! ♥

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