Jun 6, 2014

Fan Mail Friday 6.5.14

Wowzers! I haven't had time to upload all of the amazing fan photos I've been getting in months! If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen peeks at some of the cute pics coming in, but I wanted to do a round up of some here from the past few months, too!

From Valerie in MO, her teeny tiny new monster with his new tiny monster! Rawr!

From Rachel in VA, her little dude giving a monstrous hug! ♥

From Joanna in KY, her trio of tiny monsters with their new monsters! 

From Kelly in KS, her daughter being eaten by her monster and her niece dozing with her stuffie!

 Easter Monster love from Nichole in AZ (What, I said it had been months since I posted fan photos!):

 And I have oh-so-many more cute shots of kiddos and their Mon-stors, but I want to save some for next week! Thank you to everyone who has submitted fan photos over the past few months!

Feel free to send me pictures of your kiddos with their Mon-stors to cody@luanded.com or tag your Mon-stor photos on Instagram with hashtag #luandedswag!! :)

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