Jun 2, 2014

Have a handmade shop? Check out the New & Improved Lu & Ed Swag Bags!

In September of 2013, I launched the first ever handmade Swag Bag program. Others have launched similar services since then, but it is still the most successful swag bag program out there, resulting in increased audience & dozens of sales for makers.

What it is


With each order I send out from my monster shop, I include a carefully curated goody bag full of coupons and samples from other makers. There is eight to ten handmade items in each swag bag, a sweet little surprise for customers each time they order a monster!

Fan photo of Lu & Ed monster & swag!


Why it works

I have spent almost 5 years getting to know my clients and conducting market research, so I carefully review applicants and only accept samples & coupons from makers I know my clients will love - which results in more sales for swag sponsors!

Fan photo of Lu & Ed monster & swag!


What's so "New & Improved"?


Several months and hundreds of Swag Bags later, I have collected lots of amazing feedback about the program and am tweaking it slightly so that makers will get even better results from participating in Lu & Ed Swag Bags! Going forward, Swag Bags will be exclusively made up of samples - coupons & promotional materials will still be welcome (and are encouraged!) but will be accompanied by a sample, since samples proved much more likely to convert into a sale then a coupon or promotional material on it's own.

Coupons must be worth 20% or more off the Swag sponsor's entire shop - again, extensive research I conducted showed more than 90% of people were more likely to make a purchase with a new brand if offered a discounter of at least 20% or greater, if they weren't limited on what they could use the discount on.

With these standards set in place, the original Swag Bag program becomes an even more powerful tool for creatives, effectively driving more traffic, increasing social media followings, and resulting in more sales than ever before!


How can you get involved?

You can learn more about what type of shop's I am looking for and apply to become a Swag Sponsor today by visiting the application here. If you have any questions about the process or if you are curious about your shop being a good fit, feel free to email me at cody@luanded.com. 

Have you ever received a Lu & Ed Swag Bag? Please leave your thoughts about it in the comments!


  1. I love all of the goodies I got in my swag bag and can't wait to send in my submissions soon!

  2. I have received a swag bag full of AMAZING handmade items, coupons, stickers and cards! It was a wonderful surprise! And within the mix, I learned of two new indie shops that I fell in LOVE with their work. And it was a complete bonus that there was a coupon! So, on my first order I was able to save some money! I was so impressed, that I too, applied to have my cute shop shared through these darling swag bags. A 5 Star experience to receive and to be included in!

  3. I've received a swag bag with lots of rad products! I also contribute! Which reminds me I need to sign up again!

  4. I've received a swag bag, and it was incredible. It also led me to so many other fabulous handmade shops which I've since made purchases from!

  5. I received a swag bag with my Team Lu & Ed Mollie Dollie and it was pretty awesome. I'm hoping to be able to sign up to participate later this year. :)



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