Sep 16, 2014

#happyhandmade picks for week 80

Over on my other blog, Daft Crafts, I run a weekly collective for makers called #happyhandmade. They can share their handmade products & in turn share goodies they discover with others. It's a super fun way to find & share new handmade goods and connect with makers!

This week, my top three favorites are:

Normal is boring wallet by Rewallet. 

Seriously, it's upcycled & witty. I love it.

Keep Cozy organic room spray By Winter Solstice Dreams.

No more spraying toxins around your home to make it smell great - Kim from Winter Solstice dreams makes this great natural alternative to chemical laden air fresheners. Used & approved!

You Make The Mess You Clean The Mess Typography Print By Ink & Dirt.

Seriously, what mom wouldn't love this typography print by Karen from Ink & Dirt? Perfect to hang in the living room, play room or kid's room!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much!!! :) I love #Happyhandmade and look forward to it each week!
    :) It's a great to meet so many awesome artisans and I am always amazed at how much TALENT there is! :)



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