Sep 29, 2014

Monday Monster Round-Up

Here's a peek at what I made this week - it's not much, this week was a doozy:

I turned this stack....

Into cute oversized monster totes! I regret not getting pictures of all of the totes before I dropped them off at Greener Life Market in Lees Summit, MO. But I do have a few left I'll be adding to my shop soon. ;)

Now that things are settling down here, after a crazy week & even busier weekend, I'm super pumped for this coming week & have lots of monsters cut out all ready to be sewn and dates booked with my assistant to get.things.DONE. this week! So expect lots of cute monster WIP pics on Instagram & if you haven't yet, sign up for exclusive first looks at new listings so when these cuties hit the shop you can be sure to grab yours before they sell out!

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