About Team Lu & Ed

I love it when customers ask for new products, but sometimes I can't always fill those requests.

Enter Team Lu & Ed.

I keep a list of customer suggestions. One day I was looking at that list and decided I need to do something about it - so I started reaching out to other artists who I admire for their talent and positive personalities to collaborate with to fulfill those suggestions!

Collaborating is such a wonderful experience. I love working with other artists to make unique, limited edition products and I hope that you enjoy seeing what we scheme up together! Together, me and the artists I am teaming up with are changing the world - proceeds from each Team Lu & Ed product are donated to charity!

Team Lu & Ed proudly supports Drumm Farm Center for Children, with as much as 100% from Team Lu & Ed products going to the group home environment for children in the Missouri foster care system.

On this page you will learn more about the artists I have collaborated with, the collaboration projects and get also a peek at the officially epic Team Lu & Ed merch which you can purchase either through their shops, or mine.  

-Meet current Team Lu & Ed Members!-

Cari of The Mollie Shop is someone you have heard a lot about on my blog! She is my bestie and an incredible multi-medium artist! She makes fabric dolls, chunky colorful jewelry for children, and fabric and ribbon hair accessories. She teamed up with me to make Mon-stors more girl-friendly by creating cute bows that can be clipped into Mon-stors hair so kids can interact with their Mon-stors and pretty 'em up! She then proceeded to make adorable Mon-stor bottle cap bows that can be worn by Mon-stors or kids. 100% from Team Lu & Ed bows is donated!

 And as if that wasn't all awesome enough, Cari then set to work on ten limited edition fabric dolls dressed in Team Lu & Ed colors! 50% from these dolls is donated.


Danielle of Squshies is an amazing animator and felt artist. Her shop is filled with dozens of adorable felt creatures that each have their own unique story and personality! To celebrate the spirit of giving, Danielle designed a limited edition Gabos ornament, with 50% from the sale of them being donated!

Holly of Landon's Toy Box is a wood artist who makes ecofriendly hand painted wooden peg people action figures for kids to play with! She made ten limited edition Gabos Peggies and is donating 50% to charity through Team Lu & Ed!

Check back often to see the latest additions to Team Lu & Ed!

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  1. I am so honored you asked me to collaborate with you! What a fun project! And I can attest from personal experience to the quality and creativity of the Mollie shop!



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