Dec 20, 2010


I'm kicking the internet habit. Kinda. I haven't been on much lately, and I want to keep it that way! 

I'm only going to be working that retail job until my fiancè lands his new job doing his new career - then I'm going to focus on MY career, my sewing, my monsters, the Saturday market every weekend from April until November! I gots to gots to gots to gots to start sewing those 210 monsters, and working on my new designs! I gots to stop wasting so much time at the computer! I GOTS TO! 
Rant over. =) If you don't see me much this week, it's because of the holidays and the sewing and all that jazz. I will definitely pop on and keep up with everyone, post pictures of new monsters and things I've been making, but not mass posting and chatting like I do usually.

I'm going to go make some toast. I'm going to eat it. Then I'm going to sew! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week. =)

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