Jan 11, 2011

Eleven Days...

Eleven days and a few dozen monsters later, I'm slowly but surely filling my closet shelves with monsters! I am no where close to my goal of 210 monsters by the end of January. So many things came up this month that encroached on my sewing time! I've remained optimistic about reaching my goal, though, and I am just extending my deadline by a few weeks or possibly until the end of February. =)

And, I found my camera. So check out my shelf of stuffies I've been working on!

 I have several more that need to be sewn shut, others that are ready for faces and to be stuffed. Good thing I have all this!

In other news, I will start taking custom orders again within the first two weeks of February. With such a busy year ahead, I will only be able to accept a handful of customs each month, probably 5-10 orders depending on the quantity of monsters in each order. These orders slots will be filled on a first come, first PAY basis, which means I will not add orders to the queue until paid in full. I will be at the market every Saturday from April until November, which means a LOT of sewing to keep my booth stocked, but as always, I will attempt to have all custom orders completed within two weeks of being placed and paid for! =) And I know you guys will keep me busy! I already have three pre-orders for February! ♥ You guys rock!!

1 comment:

  1. See you when the season starts up again! You starting in April? I will be there in March.




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