Feb 1, 2011

Project Monster Munchies - Page One!

A bit late, but here is the first installment of Project Monster Munchies! There will be twenty installments, one post at a time through February. Monster Munchies is such a cute book, teaching children to count to twenty and rhyme. :) Using it, I (attempted) to make 210 monsters in roughly 5 1/2 weeks, going from 1-20, semi-following the monsters descriptions in the book. And here we are, with page one, which reads:

One giant monster
In a dress

Eats the couch
And makes a mess!

(I am not posting the pictures from the book because I'd rather you go out and get the book that has been a great inspiration to me! I know it by heart. (: So, head to the library or the bookstore and pick up your copy today!)

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