Jan 31, 2011

Even when it's not a monster, it is!

Took a break from sewing (pink) monsters last night to try my hand at project that is most normal people's FIRST sewing project - an apron.

I am beyond thrilled with how it came out, considering I didn't pause to do any measuring (bad habit of mine that usually doesn't end this well). I really ♥love♥ it and can't wait to rock it at the Saturday market! It has two pockets, a big one to keep the money bag in and a smaller one for my phone, receipt book, and business cards. I'm considering getting some more monster fabric and making a few more to share with others because something like this is entirely too fantastic to keep to my self!

My favorite part is probably this little block I salvaged for the remaining bit and sewed onto the left pocket.

:D Isn't he so cute?? ♥ I'm really excited about how well this little side project came out! :) Now I just have table clothes and a banner to make for the Saturday market! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I am!


  1. Very cute i have yet to make an apron i have no cue where to even start. .LOVE the monster fabric.

  2. Epic Monsterous money apron! You ROCK!

  3. i love it! Too adorable! :D



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