Feb 11, 2011

Project Monster Munchies - Page Six!

Okay, bare with me here. I've run into a small issue - some of the monster for PMM has already sold, sooooo... I am having to use previous photos of the monsters. When means some of the installments of PMM won't be as staged and adorable as previous installments. But the real purpose behind PMM wasn't to create a storyboard (though it is *super* fun and I hope you guys are having as much fun following along as I have posting it!!), but to really hit the sewing machine and try to churn out 210 monsters in just a few weeks time. It was is hard, but I am determined to complete 210 monsters by the end of February, even if it means late nights and lots of coffee (especially if it means lots of coffee!)! Anyways, here you go! Page 6!

Six purple monsters
Down the hall

Count 'em! Six! Well, five and one face, hehe.

Play in the gym,
Then eat the ball.

Om nom nom!

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