Feb 11, 2011


FB did some fanaggling around with the way business pages work. I really don't mind the changes, I think it makes it a lot more easy to work with and manage. I did however take this opportunity to create a NEW Facebook fanpage for Lu & Ed, though! With so many changes to the business itself lately, I figured it was time to fix the biggest problem with the business fan page:

I forgot to space Lu and Ed. Thus, the page name, where I generated most of my wonderful customers from, was LuandEd. o.O Kinda of confusing, and it led to a lot of people pronouncing it Lu-an-dead. Hm, not quit what I was going for!

So, the new FB fan page can be found here, properly titled Lu & Ed. :)

Pop over, 'like' the page, and check out my cleverly watermarked images of monsters available for adoption, each picture linking you to their profile page in the shop! :D

Do you have a FB fan page for your business? What do you think of their new settings?


  1. I like it! I like that the pictures all pop out now and I LOVE that we can FINALLY get notifications of comments, likes and new fans!!

  2. For whatever dang reason i cant follow the link. Can someone post the actual link for me to copy and paste?

  3. Sorry about that, Kerri! I think I fixed it, but here it is again if it didn't work!



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