Apr 29, 2011

Fan Mail Friday!

I decided I'd have a day designated to posting fan mail for everyone to read! Fan mail is the greatest joy of being a small business owner! I love to see and read about my monsters traveling the world and making new friends. Check out the latest:

From Rissa B. (from Kansas City):

"Great way to get your kid to clean their room: don't tell them to go clean their room. Tell them to go feed their monster so it doesn't get hungry and eat them LOL. We love our Monstors!"

From Kelly B (from Texas):

Thanks for sharing guys! :D Keep the fan mail coming! You can post it to our Facebook page or email us your monster love letters and photos to LuandEdCreations@yahoo.com. Have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to enter our MONSTER GIVEAWAY that is ending today at 5pm!

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