Apr 28, 2011

Lu & Ed Monsters Now at Scrivner's!

Yup! You can now buy Lu & Ed Monsters at Scrivner's Creativity Center in Leavenworth, KS. Stop in and support local artisans! They have so much quirky and crafty stuff, I just kept saying "amazing" and "awesome" to the point I'm sure Cricket, the owner, thought I was daft. The talent of those ladies is just mind blowing! I know my monsters will enjoy their stay there, though I doubt they'll be there long before they are adopted out!

The lower level of the shop is a dedicated craft and music studio for children. She has classes daily with children of all ages, and the class room enthralled my son. He took right to Cricket and loved the colorful studio covered with hand prints and art work of her students on the ceiling tiles! The (hour long) drive home he kept begging me to enroll him in her craft and music course.I agreed! Haha! It was awesome! :D Visit their website for more information about classes.

I left with a beautiful watch Cricket had made on my wrist - the watch head comes off and you can inter-change the bands so they match whatever you are wearing. I'm not even normally a watch fan, but dude, these tie-bands are the most comfortable things ever. I forgot I had it on and almost washed pots with it on my wrist tonight! >.<

Cricket is the best and I really love Scrivner's after just my first visit there and I hope you get out of your house and go check it out if you're in the area - it's worth the trip!

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