May 6, 2011

Fan Mail Friday!

I just got this fun email from Stephanie, winner of last weeks giveaway. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!  

"Mester Trouble arrived today! He was a littles stressed from his trip, he kept saying,  "Orville was in his personal space" Not sure what that was all about. We brought him outside to show him his new neighborhood and made sure to point out any kids that might treat him like a football. We encouraged him to get an adult if that happens. He still seemed bummed, maybe we should have held off on warning him about the football thing, we have never had a monster live with us, beginners mistake! My daughter offered to give him some hugs, that got him a little better. Once that didn't work she tried her next plan of attack, tickle his booty! Not sure why tickling a monsters booty works but it sure helped, he seemed in much better spirits. Finally, we realized he just needed some coffee and presto--ready to get into some trouble!

Thanks so much for sending him to live with us, we promise to take good care of him."
 :) Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!

1 comment:

  1. Jules loves her monster, she just brought him to her bed to introduce him to her lambie. Please excuse my spelling mistakes, I rushed to send it, battling a toddler for the laptop keyboard is a challenge :)



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