Jul 9, 2011

What a taxing situation.

I just filed my quarterly state taxes for Lu & Ed. Most people would say this grudgingly, but I find it exciting! It's so liberating to own a business - To have created it from the ground up, to be in control - while at the same time being very constraining and time consuming. But then I look over the books and see how many colorful and fun monsters I have shipped off to new homes in the past three months and I get excited and inspired all over again! I have a few little critters cut out in the basement I'm going to attend to this evening, one for a custom and a few for the shop. :)

I've been so busy getting Daft Crafts off the ground I haven't had much time to make monsters. Time to make time! Gotta get back to what I love to do! I sorted a little space for myself at Daft, tucked behind the register and by the bathroom door, to set up my machine so I can sew during my ten hour days at the shop. I am so excited for this new adventure and all the places it will take my monsters and me! I am so lucky to have such fantastic customers and friends who have been patient with me while I have been scrambling to get the store ready for it's opening next week. I doubt that the actual opening of the store means less time spent scrambling like a crazy woman, I just assume I will eventually find a beat to march to in the chaos and make it all look orchestrated.

I will post some pictures of Daft Crafts here tomorrow to show off to you guys. :) Without you, I wouldn't be where I am now! ♥ Thanks for all the support! You are all wonderful! And remember, you can do anything you put your mind to. Live your dreams!

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