Aug 30, 2011

Hello, Blog. It's been a while.

Why, hi there. Remember me? I look vaguely familiar? It has been a while, hasn't it?

Here's what's up: 

At the moment I am practically sold out of Mon-stors. This is such an amazing thing, and I am so thankful to every person who has adopted a Mon-stor out of my online shop, from Scrivner's in Leavenworth, KS or Daft Crafts in Independence, MO. I don't have as much time to sew as I would like, so custom orders have been put on hold until I can replenish stock in all three locations and do all my seasonal sewing (trick or treat bags and stockings). I hate to put customs on a hold (again) but operating Daft Crafts daily and getting ready for the huge street festival about to come to the Independence Square (Santa Cali Gon days, baby!) I have had ZERO free time. Finally, Santa Cali Gon is upon us (this weekend, Sep 2nd-Sep 5th) and I think afterward I may be able to find time to breath again. And of course, sew!  And then maybe I can even find time to sleep. But, hey, priorities! 

In October, there is another Alpacas for Autism event that I am eager to start stocking up for! Around Mid-September I will be setting up a raffle to win a small Mon-stor. $1 entries and all of the proceeds will be donated to Alpacas for Autism! We will also be donating a Mon-stor and stuffie for their live auction next April. I will post more details about these events soon! As always, I'm super excited to be a part of their fundraising, and can't wait for their upcoming events! They are always so fun and I get to meet so many amazing people at these events. If you are in the midwest, definitely make it a point to come out and see me Oct 2nd and 3rd at the Farm Days event in Adrian, MO! :) 

If you have been eagerly awaiting trick or treat Mon-stors, swing by my Storenvy shop and snag one! We have a few listed, and I am trying to make and list at least one a day. :)

And that's all the business-y updates I have. There have been other exciting things happening. Like, opening a brick and mortar business, and the daily operations of that are still pretty new and exciting! Plus we do fun events there like tie dye events and craft things with little kidlets. You know, something fun and artsy for the community that is free or super cheap. :)

And the next big, exciting event was my son starting kindergarten!!!! Wow!

He is a super big fan of kindergarten. He absolutely adores his teacher and already has a new bestie. They even have matching shoes! ;) It's super cute. 

And then, there's... Well....

...Okay, actually, between opening Daft Crafts and my son starting kindergarten, nothing exciting has really happened besides just being BUSY... But, LIFE is exciting! Every day is new and mostly fun. :) And hopefully after Santa Cali Gon days I will be able to sew more, post more, blog more. Thank you for being patient with me during these big life changes! ♥

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