Sep 26, 2011

An Upcoming Raffle!

^_^ As you know, I have the Alpacas for Autism Fall Festival event coming up next weekend. I am super stoked for it! Tomorrow morning I am picking up the signature puzzle piece fabric, and I will be making a LARGE Mon-stor to raffle off this week!! Large Mon-stors retail for $22 in my web store.

This is an example of our large Mon-stors - NOT THE ONE BEING RAFFLED!

Here is how it works - entries will cost $5 and can be purchased through my Storenvy site. You can purchase as many raffle entries as you want - all proceeds from this raffle will be donated to Camp Encourage! The raffle will run from Tuesday until Saturday at noon! Winner will be announced Sunday by 5pm, and the prize Mon-stor will be shipped Monday morning.

I hope to have lots of participants in this raffle as it's for a fantastic orginazation with a great prize worth more than three times the raffle cost, so tell your friends to like our FB page, follow us on twitter, or follow our blog for more details! :) Thanks guys! ♥

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