Nov 10, 2011

My kidlet turns SIX!

In his fifth year, my son Guage learned to tie his shoes, count by twos, count to one thousand (ugh, over and over again), do problems like 10-x=3, ride a bike with no training wheels, and how to sew (aw, I'm so proud!). He lost his first two teefers, started kindergarten, rode a 4-wheeler for the first time, touched a tank and fed alpacas. His 6th year has a lot to top.
 It's hard to believe I've been a mom for six years! I'm so blessed and thankful that I am able to do what I love, on my own time, as a job, instead of working grueling hours and missing out on some fabulous memories with my son. ♥ And I am thankful, so very thankful, for all of you who make that possible! You monster mongers are the reason I can do what I do and I love you all very much for it! ♥♥♥ Keep being awesome!
P.S. I do have some new monsters made up, I'm just waiting to have a fully stocked store before I list them! Soon, very soon! And just in time for the holidays! ♥ I

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