Nov 12, 2011

A bit late, but check out these fan photos!

So, if you remember I did a raffle in September to raise money for Alpacas for Autism and Camp Encourage. I just got some fan photos in of Ralph, the raffle mon-stor, in his new home and I just had to share! :) There is a video as well but I was unable to download it. :[ Becca B was the winner of Ralph and here is a few pictures of her cute kiddos enjoying him. ^_^

Haha! I love seeing my mon-stors and stuffies in their new homes! :) Thanks for sharing, Becca!

Becca is also the author of which is  a fun, lighthearted blog about her life and interests. If you have a few spare moments check her out! :) I may be doing a giveaway with her for Leap Year next year, so bookmark that link! :)

Thanks for looking! New stuff coming soon!

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