Jan 27, 2012

Fan Mail Friday!

Ah, finally! I can post some of the AWESOME photos I got in the past few weeks! I have them saved on all different computers and devices so it took a while to gather them up, since I have been so busy running around with classes and events at Daft Crafts, restocking my online store, restocking the two brick and mortar stores I sell in, being a mom, and trying to buy a house! Haha! So, here is several pieces of Fan Mail, but I have a lot more I need to organize and post as well! :D

Your monsters were a huge hit this Christmas!!
my son...Christmas morning:)

my beautiful 1 year old nephew with his...it's yummy i guess cause he chewed that horn all day :)

and once again...my son. Christmas night...and this is how it's been every night since :)

Thank you so much!! They are getting much love here :)

My dd LOVES her monster!! Thanks Cody :) She is extra cuddly.

Kayla's cuties with their plushes and sun glass Mon-stor

Cute little Huddy enjoying his monster at bedtime!

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