Feb 6, 2012

My son, the entrepreneur!

My six year old son started an entrepreneurship called Painted Pennies. He draws mustaches and hats on pennies, and sells them for $0.50. During his grand opening yesterday, he accepted donation purchases - the pennies were free, you just donated whatever you had to his piggy bank fund to help him get started with his business so he could expand to other coins. ♥ Oh, and he's open 24/7.
Just had to share. I love that kid. ;)

** By way, it's washable marker, and it wipes right off the money.


  1. That's AWESOME! haha. If he wants to send a few my way, I'll donate some money :)

    1. :D Haha! That's excellent. If he sticks with creating monetary characters for more than a week or so, I'll hit ya up and send some your way. ;) He's already talking about changing his business to envelope and card making. Always a forward thinker, that one is!



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