Mar 26, 2012

New type of posts...

Latest Monster In The Shop!

Hey guys! Sorry I have been kinda MIA lately. I think in my last post, I promised I would post more? Yeah, total fail on that!

I have been sick, off and on. First a really nasty stomach bug, got over that. Then my son was sick with a really nasty cough, that kept us all up all hours of the night. By day I was too exhausted to consider sewing, unless anyone wants a hand sewn into their monsters. Then I got the nasty headcold, cough, sore body thing my son had. Still recovering from that. Ugh!

Then, there was also the mechanical failures. Bernie, my Bernina sewing machine, decided to start choking on thread. Every inch or so it would go bargblargityblargblarrrrrrrrrrrrh and when I pulled out the fabric, there would be a huge WAD of thread on the bottom. D: Set him aside and started saving for a trip to the repair shop. My friend loaned me an old Brother Pacesetter and it worked for a few monsters, but then it decided it didn't like me. :'( The thread got to a point where I couldn't remove my product from the machine without breaking the thread or jacking up the stitching in my monsters. I'm pretty this is 100% user error on my part somehow, though I didn't mess with the tension at all! Oh well. So, packed him up, teared up a bit. :'( Then my fiancè insisted upon taking me to buy a back up machine so I could continue to work, since it would be a week before I could even take Bernie in, and two weeks for the repair. So, we went out, and picked up the Brother Project Runway machine. It ain't half bad, but I can't tell it won't be able to handle the workload I push through Bernie regularly so I'm anxiously awaiting dropping Bernie off for repairs and then his  arrival back to me in shining, minty condition.

Then, there was also all this beautiful March weather! I don't think it will last, I keep expecting to wake up to a blizzard, but while it's here, we are trying to enjoy it as much as possible when we aren't hacking and sickly! We have been hiking, visiting parks in the evenings, and yesterday, we hit up the zoo! Here's my favorite pic from that.♥

And that explains the very limited amount of monsters you have seen recently! ;)

But now all the beautiful Spring-y colors, flowers, prints, patterns, and birds are inspiring my creativity and I am so stoked to start making new monsters! I am still not officially taking custom orders at this time, so I can focus on stocking my online store to max capacity. My time is so divided right now - 11-6 three days a week at Daft Crafts, and 11-9 two days a week at Daft Crafts. That leaves me a few hours here and there on those days to sew, and then two days off. Sundays are family days, but I squeeze in some sewing when the boys are doing their boy things, and Mondays are full tilt coffee and monster days! :) But, as you can see, with the limited time slots to commit to sewing, I can't really take on custom orders at this time. :[ I miss them!!! But  I have started training volunteers at Daft Crafts so I can have more time off from the shop to handle the business side of things (taxes and such, ugh) and more time to ♥sew♥. So things are in motion, I just have to remind myself to be patient and calm... :)

In the mean time, I have decided to start adding new types of posts to this blog! Some artist showcases, featuring items from my favorite (handmade) online shops, artist interviews, and possibly hosting giveaways for some of them! I can put my two favorite things together - handmade art and my monster biz! ♥ What a great mix. I hope you will all enjoy it as much as I do! First post will be either later today, possibly tomorrow. :) Leave me comments on the posts or click the amount of hearts you think it deserves so I know what content you are enjoying the most! :)

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