Mar 10, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Sorry I've been scarce, but 2012 really must be bringing about the end of the world, or at least a whole lotta bad things all at once.

I have been absent from the monster making world for a plethora of reasons. Medical issues, my grandfather passed away, I found out a very important person in my life must begin dialysis, stomach, cold and sinus viruses that just won't stay away with this cold hot cold windy cold hot weather. One of the positive things keeping me from sewing new monster creations has been Daft Crafts. Boy, I never thought that 7 months ago it would grow to the point it has. We have art education workshops every Wednesday and Saturday, craft shows lined up to promote our shop, training volunteers to man the store, daily regulars and people who came to just hang out at the shop.. It's so wonderful and such a blessing! It has brought me in contact with so many beautiful, amazing and positive people. I really am thankful for it, even if it does cut into my monster making time... ;)

And after weeks of nothing new in the monster making world, I set down and made a special Tim Burton-esque for my friend Jennifer. She has been DYING for a Tim Burton style monster, and I got really inspired by some burlap I had laying around from one of my FIRST EVER ATTEMPTS AT A MON-STOR!!! AH! So this is a very, very special Mon-stor. It symbolizes a lot - the beginning of Mon-stors, the hard times and losses I have went through recently, and the return to myself after soaking up the melancholy of recent events. ♥ Life isn't always beautiful, sometimes it is down right monstrous, but you have to love it and keep going.


  1. Hang in there sista, you're amazing :)

  2. I am So proud of you Cody! You have come so far with Daft and your Mon-stors and I love what you're doing. You inspire me, you are talented in so many ways and its just awesome!

  3. Thanks, guys! :) I appreciate your support. ♥ Don't know why I didn't see these comments sooner!



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