Apr 29, 2012

Miscellaneous Crafting on a Rainy Day. :)

This weekend has been chilly and rainy - perfect for crafting! :) I have been sewing Mon-stors to restock my online store, and doing some random crafting with/for the fam, too! I made this Mon-stor yesterday, using remnant bin fleece and a thrift store pillow case for the lining fabric.

Link to buy

Link to buy

I have had that monster pillow case for over a year and have been waiting for the perfect moment of inspiration to cut into it! I LOVE this monster fabric! From the scraps, I took whatever discernible monster bits and turned them into coasters today. I told you, I loved that fabric. Each one of these took like 30 seconds so ignore the crooked stitching, I was just using up the last of the thread in my bobbin so I wouldn't run out during a big project.

Squished Monster!!

Hahaha, I love this monster, he cracks me up!

And while I was pausing to change songs on Pandora, I arranged my pins on my magnet into a little pin-forest.

I also ventured out in the rain to the fabric store today for felt and thread for eyes, and while I was there I grabbed some fabrics on sale and this bird house for my son. It's one of those pre-made ones, he just had to paint it! I think he did a fab job and I am in love with his color choices. You can tell he's my kid. ;) Once the rain stops we are going to screw in a hook and hang it from our patio to see if we can get some new birdie friends to move in. :)

Also today, this Mon-stor was born! I love her!!! :D

Link to buy

Link to buy
Now I am going to have dinner with the fam (spaghetti, yum!), unload/reload the dishwasher, then start on Mt. Laundry. :P I'm going to pull a late night tackling our huge laundry pile so I can have all day tomorrow to sew! I have two more big Mon-stors lined up plus working on a super special Mon-stor for you all that will be revealed on May 1st - as a prize for one lucky fan! Yes, a PRIZE MON-STOR!! Be sure to check back on May 1st for more info on that! :D

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