Apr 12, 2012

Nifty Picks

Here are a few more nifty picks from some of my favorite artists!

Twirl Skirts by Mindy's In-Stitches
Tooth Fairy Pillows by Frankenstitch Productions
Mohawk Hat by Breezybot
Orange/White Flower Clock by Eighty Acres Art
Powerpuff Girls bow by Mollie Moe Bows
Screen Printed Tea Towel by Beagletique
Rainbow of Knit Coffee Sleeves by KaramCrochet

And there ya have it! This week's installment of my nifty picks. :) Which one is your fave?


  1. I have to go with the Breezybot hat. Mostly because that is my son's winter hat!!

    1. :) That's awesome! I love Brieshon's hats, she makes the cutest stuff! Is your sons hat the same colors as the one pictured? I love those colors together!

    2. yep! That is actually HIS hat in the picture!! My daughter has a rainbow kitty hat too! And she made me the prettiest and softest purple hooded scarf! Too bad it wasn't really cold enough to wear it this winter!

    3. That is freaking AWESOME! How cool! Were you the photographer of the pic?! :D

    4. No but I did do some of him in the hat for her!!

  2. I love them all but the tea towel is pretty awesome!!



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