May 8, 2012

'Where The Wild Things Are' Author Dies at age 83

Maurice Sendak died today from complications of a stroke. :( He is the author of "Where the Wild Things Are". This man was simply a story telling, art and theatrical genius! He just released a new book in September called "Bumble-Ardy" which created quite the stir with parents, as it's about a pig whose parents are eaten and the piglet decides to throw himself a blowout birthday party. He has another book called "My Brother's Book" that is an illustrated poem he wrote for his late brother that is due to be published in February.

I love Maurice Sendak's books. The children he portrays are not the stereo-typical children's book characters who are happy, perfectly groomed,well-to-do heros, but instead messy, mussy, and fussy fitful children. I can believe in these children, in their wildness and things that they imagine are unjust - like bedtime or finishing their dinners. Reminds me of a little blond haired boy I know who just finished complaining about how it's not fair we are out of his favorite kind of cereal. ;)

Maurice Sendak will be missed greatly for his wonderful stories and fantastical imagery he was able to create. ♥  We will be honoring him by reading our worn copy of "Where the Wild Things Are" tonight. If this book isn't in your collection yet, for the love of Monsters, go get a copy!

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