Jun 7, 2012

ABT - Smile!

Do you participate in craft shows to promote your art business? Wonder how to get more people to stop at your booth? If you do, then today's Art Business Tip may be handy! :)

It's really simple to catch attention at craft shows. Step out from behind the booth, make eye contact, smile, and say "Hi! How are you?" Be open, inviting, and engaging with craft show patrons and other vendors. Give them a reason to pause at your booth. You have the power to stop people in their tracks and put a face to your brand. Even if people only pause briefly, have something positive to say and give them your card with a smile on your face.

A photo snapped of me, as I was standing in my booth ready to greet customers at Strawberry Swing IFC!

Some people think that seems pushy to stand at the head of your booth, but it's not. You wouldn't expect an employee at your favorite store to sit behind the counter with nary a greeting or smile, do you? If you received such inadequate service, it would probably leave you feeling discouraged with shopping there. I imagine that's how craft show patrons feel when they walk by booths with artists sitting, staring at passing people.

Don't be that artist.

Be the artist that greets them with an enthusiastic smile and leaves an impression! :)

Ignore the hangers behind the basket in the photo - we sold a lot of Mon-stors that day and I had been too busy to run the hangers to the car!


  1. That is so true Cody! Sometimes we would be just chatting with a customer and others would have to stop to see what others had to stop at. Creates curiousity. Glad you had a fantastic show!

    1. Exactly! It creates a wonderful, positive environment! It also helps you stay upbeat and motivated - smiles are contagious!

  2. Sorry, But I was reading a spot & now can't find it to finish it ~ I can't seem to understand your organization pattern ~



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