Jun 8, 2012

Fan Mail Friday 6.8.12

Fan photos I received this week! ♥

From Monique over at Razing Mayhem. She ordered two monster plushies for her boys, and from the photos, I think it's safe to say they enjoy them! :) She also included a photo of her youngest with his monster plush she ordered a year ago! ♥ Great to see he is holding up okay, even after mulitple washes!

Brand new monster friend, Bizzy!

Brand new monster friend, Pip!

This monster plush, Raybies, is a year old!

From Melli of Melli's Trinkets! She adopted Jordie right after I listed him, and here is a pic of him meeting his new best friend! :)

Ah! This picture is so cute! Jordie looks so happy in his new home!

And from Casey, who was the winner of the breast cancer Mon-stor raffle! :) Casey said her son "is all giggles when he is feeding her his hot wheels!"

I bet Chance will never be a hungry Mon-stor again!

♥ I love getting fan mail! It always inspires me to rush back up to my studio and make more monsters so I can spread monstrous joy all over the world! I love my job!! ♥

If you have purchased a monster plush or Mon-stor from me and want to see your fan photos on my blog, email me at LuandEdCreations@yahoo.com with "Fan Photos" in the title of the email!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love your fan mail Fridays, it's so awesome to see all these little ones loving your great monster goodies!

    1. :D Fan mail is seriously what makes all this work worth it. ♥ I love seeing my monsters be enjoyed and loved!! It makes me all happy and giddy!



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