Jun 13, 2012

Daft is Closing, But Not Dying

*sadface* Only two days left until the closing of Daft Crafts, the brick and mortar store that we own.
Exterior before
Exterior Dafter
Interior before
Interior Dafter
It's going to be a busy two days. We are having a huge going out of business sale, selling displays, meeting the new shop owners (They are opening a handmade boutique in our location, so at least it is continuing to bring handmade joy to the neighborhood!) and artists will be stopping in to pick up their merchandise. On Thursday, we will box up everything left and ship it back to the artists, with final checks. Then cleaning out the shop and removing the left over furniture. It's all very bitter sweet, remembering all the hard work that went into it, all the fun times and great memories at the shop.

Me, my kidlet and Jessica playing dress up!
Soap making classes were always a riot

If you never visited Daft, you don't know about that toilet
Tie dying was always a huge hit at Daft!
 But instead of allowing the Daft Crafts dream (to offer unique art at affordable prices, and an affordable venue with unrivaled exposure for artists), I have decided to grow it into something else! The Daft Crafts Facebook and Daft Crafts blog will remain active, and function as art advocacy and an art business resources. We will promote artists, provide indie business resources, and also an epic outlet for Midwest artists!

I am working with Debbie Luttrell, long time Daft Crafts vendor, even longer artist and event coordinator, to coordinate a large indie event called Daft Crafts Show!

While still very loose in the planning, Debbie and I have so many ideas and a great event outline already! A large indoor/outdoor two day event with poi (fire) spinners, a drum tribe, live music, free craft stations to experiment with new mediums, local bakeries selling yummy cupcakes and goodies, and dozens of artisans and indie designers! Swag bags with merchandise and coupons from the vendors and businesses that sponsor the show, raffles, and games! Face painting, Henna art, and more!

So far we are planning tentatively for May or June of 2013 for Kansas City's first Daft Crafts Show! It will be held in Independence, Missouri, where Daft Crafts was born. Since we are relocating to South Carolina and will be back to visit at least once a year in Missouri, I figure why not make it a really big deal!?

I am very excited about this! It's going to be a grand event, and a lot of fun to plan with Debbie! :) Not much actual planning can be done until closer to the event, but as we begin the process of securing a location, booking artists and entertainment, and developing media for the event I will share with all of you! ♥ As always, thank you for supporting me in my monster making, and my crazy and ambitious dreams! You guys are amazing!


  1. Oh Yay! That sounds like it will be lots of fun!! Can't wait to see it all come together. :)

  2. I'm excited for you,your family,and your business new adventure! I can't wait to put the Daft Craft Show on my calendar next year to come see! Good luck!

    1. :) It will definitely be a blast! Definitely follow the Daft Crafts page. :) Lots of awesome stuff will be getting posted there. :)



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