Jun 16, 2012

Fan Mail Friday (er, Saturday)

Happy happy! More fan mail this week! Sorry the post is a day late, I prepped it Thursday night and scheduled it for Friday morning but there must have been a glitch because it never published! Strange.. Anyway! I super love the photos from this week! Mon-stors of all sizes made it into this post!

I am super excited to share this one, from Megean, who owns her own graphic design company The Individuality. She keeps my super mini Mon-stor in her cubicle to hold breath mints! I am working on perfecting this pattern so I can list these tiny tykes in my online store. :)

Cubicle Mon-stors!

Here is my Mon-stor, Plass, in his new home! He rides in their car and holds his new friend's dolls for her! He looks very happy and cozy in his new home, and I hear he really enjoys the ever-changing view from the car window. ;)

And here is Gabos in his new home! I made Gabos last week and he was adopted within minutes! Here he is in his new home with his other Lu & Ed plush friends!

if you have photos of a Lu & Ed product in action and would like to be featured in our Fan Mail Friday posts, email it to me at luandedcreations@yahoo.com or post it to our Facebook wall! :)

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