Jun 23, 2012

New logo + New look!

I am so excited right now! Megean at The Individuality just finalized my new logo! She is going to give my blog and shop a complete makeover soon, and this is one of the pieces! I LOVE how my logo came out!

She actually used a recent Mon-stor I made, Gabos, and two plushies I made, to create the vector Mon-stor for my logo.

This is Gabos and one of the plushies (Mo)
 Gabos now lives in Oregon with his new adoptive family, but he will forever live on in my new logo! I can't wait to reveal the big makeover! Eek! I am so excited I can barely contain myself!!

 Megean is having a $30 logo special! If you are interested in getting an amazing new logo for your e-commerce site, blog or Facebook cover photo, send an email to megean@theindividuality.com


  1. I really like it because it's bright and fun.

    1. Thanks! I love the colors Megean used! I feel like it really captured my monsters fun personalities!

  2. Awesome! Love it! Super original and shows exactly what you sell!

    1. ♥ Thanks Missy! :D I am still SO in love with my new logo! :) I can't wait for the complete makeover!



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