Jun 2, 2012

Strawberry Swing Recap!

What can I say about Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair...Hmm..

Simply put, it was phenomenal!

 I wish I had taken more pictures. Like of their epic banner with giant balloons! Or of the Lindy swing dancers (Trace is to blame for the lack of photos from the first day - he took the camera with him right after we set up and didn't come back until it was almost time to leave!). I also forgot to get pictures of the band that played all day today, too, or the epic cake pops we ate! They did such a great job providing entertainment for this show, with live music and swing dancing, and were the most hospitable craft show hosts ever, offering free water to the vendors, asking what we thought of the show, and just taking the time to walk around and talk to each vendor! It was really nice of them to do that! They also had a raffle with multiple prizes from vendors, and swag bags for the first 150 guests! It was a really well put together event and brought a great crowd, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all it seemed!

I ended up with a much larger booth than I expected! I brought small scale display pieces thinking I would have a pint sized booth, but someone cancelled last minute, and I was able to get a full sized indoor booth! Thank heavens, because today was pretty hot!

I was too busy today to actually take very many pictures of my monster adopters or of the surrounding booths, but I'll share the few pictures I was able to get! The pictures of my booth is minus a few monsters since I wasn't able to get a picture on Friday. I ended up adopting out over half of the monsters I made for the show! :D

My display!

Some of the monster plushies!

More of the plushies!

Some of the small Mon-stors!

More small Mon-stors!

Big Mon-stors!
These two super cute little girls came back to show me what they fed their Mon-stors!

Haha, Trace goofing off right at the end. ♥

My booth was right by Jesse, owner of be Mary by Hand, who I talked to a great deal. Very awesome person, super sweet! She and her husband drove about three hours from Tulsa, OK to come to the show! She makes fabric dolls with diversity in mind, of all skin, hair and eye color combinations, and will even custom make a doll to look like your little boy or girl! They were so cute, and she was working on making them right there at the show. It was so cool watching them be brought to life! I only snagged two pictures of her dolls, but she makes many more, including boy dolls, and sells them in her Etsy shop. Give it a looksie!

 Lots of friends came out to see me at the show this weekend, and I made some new friends, too! It was a lot of fun and I hope to return and do it next year as well! :D Thanks for supporting me through all of this, guys!

Oh, one more thing - I forgot to bring the sign up sheet to raffle the breast cancer Mon-stor (and I am totally kicking myself for that!), so the final totals are the same as they were Friday, and I will do the drawing tomorrow! :) Thanks for participating in the raffle, guys! Click here to see the total amount raised and the total amount of entries!


  1. Wow! Looks awesome! I'm so glad you did so well!

    1. Thank you! It really was a fantastic show for guests AND vendors. The hosts of the show really did a great job on it! There was lots of cup cake and cake pops to nom on, coke from glass bottles with swirly straws, and grilled to order burgers and hot dogs!

  2. So awesome!! I love the display!

  3. sounds like such a fun day! congrats on all your adoptions!

    1. :) thank you! I was astounded and am so grateful for all the marvelous monster adoptions this weekend!

  4. Aww love it, looks all colorful and approachable ;) Love all the big mon-stors too cute!! Your bunting flag is super cute too!! It's always WIN/WIN when you have fun and a bunch of you stash gets adopted out ;)

    1. My buntings hang in my studio to inspire me when I work! I have three total. We were going to hang them on the wall behind our space but kept forgetting tape. Haha!



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