Jul 13, 2012

Fan Mail Friday - 7.13.12 - So sweet your teeth will hurt!

I got the CUTEST fan mail ever this week from Jazi in Puerto Rico! A friend ordered her a plush (Mo! One of my all time FAVORITES!) and had it sent to her, and her daughter was THRILLED to say the least! Check out these super duper  adorable pictures!

"Mo got here!!! He is sooo cute! He may have shaken monster syndrome though lol she was soooo excited!"
Becoming a victim of shaking monster syndrome!

Aw! Monster kisses!

Showing Mo off!

Yummy! Try this!

I said try it.

Going for a walk!

A kiss among the flowers

More kisses!

Watching tv together!

Don't these pictures just make you go "Awwwwwwwwwwww"?



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