Jul 11, 2012

Seeking input about a new monster breed!

I finally perfected my Gadget Mon-stor pattern yesterday! They can also be used as a little coin purse, or to hold your ID and cards when you go out. :) This is a gift for a friend, I need to make another one for her as well. Since sharing these photos I have a ton of people asking for them... When I made them before, there wasn't much interest. Do you think it's something I should revisit? Leave me a comment and let me know if you'd like to see these on LuandEd.com!

In addition to the Gadget Mon-stor pattern tweaking, I spent yesterday sewing away and making monsters in my studio, with coffee, chocolate and good music. I love my job so much! The monsters from yesterday, in order of production:

 Which is your favorite monster from yesterday?
And weigh in on adding Gadget Mon-stors back to the shop!


  1. I think you should rethink it. Gadget mons-stors are a great idea. I think they are perfect.

  2. Gadget mon-stors are neat, I think furry ones would be awesome! I also think mon-stor sunglasses holders were awesome, bring those back too!

    1. :) I have been thinking about the sunglasses Mon-stors, too!

  3. I Loves the gadget Mon-Stors <----- This is what my 12 year old said to tell you.



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