Jul 17, 2012

I don't like Pinterest + Pinning ethics

I could rant for HOURS about why I hate Pinterest. Really, I could. Ask Trace.

Instead, I am going to link you to an article by Oh My! Handmade Goodness that sums it up really well and much nicer than I could. :)

If you are a Pinterest user I beg you to PLEASE read this entire blog post. It breaks down why some bloggers/indie artists and designers may not want their work pinned (including me), and more, including an excellent code of ethics at the end for Pinterest users:

excerpt from original post:
To sum up:
  • Just because something’s on the internet doesn’t mean that it’s free for public use – it is still protected under copyright law. Some sites share their permission policies prominently but if there is any doubt, ask.
  • Not everyone wants their work to be shared on Pinterest, or any other site. It doesn’t matter what their reasons are. We have all snapped a photo or similarly created something that belongs to us. Try to be respectful of others’ wishes.
  • Crediting a source, while admirable, is often not enough – you should be asking permission. Drop them a line, tell them how much you love them, and ask. If they say no, move on.
  • If something has a pin it button, and you know for a fact that permission has been granted, go crazy and Pinterest your pants off. If you’re unsure that a site truly has the license to share, or you come across a site that doesn’t specify whether you can pin or not – regardless of whether there is a Pinterest blockout code on it or not – ask.

Read the article here, and please, read all the way to the very bottom so you can soak up all the awesome, useful information contained within this post:

Pinterest Ethics: Questioning, Considering & Doing our Homework

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