Jul 18, 2012

Tiny and cute!

I just got my new cards from Moo.com - they are so tiny and cute! I love the way the colors from my new logo pop!

The dark splotches are on the lens of my camera, not on my beautiful new craft show display - which totally matches my logo!

Colors on the back match my logo/craft show display pieces!
Aren't they super adorable?! I scored these for free when Moo.com teamed up with Storenvy.com for a super rad deal - 100 free mini cards for the first 300 Storenvy users! Yet another way Storenvy.com is incredible and always looking out for their sellers! And I think Moo.com is extra awesome for attaching this cute little card to my box of minis!

What a fun touch!

Where do you order your cards or printed materials from, if you use any?


  1. I love your cards! The design and colors are eye-popping fun =) I order through Moo as well but I need to make my cards "funner". You inspire me!

    1. I had my logo designed by Megean of theindividuality.com. She is having a special right now, too! :) You should check her out if you are looking to get a new look for your biz. She is quick and does amazing work! :)

  2. wow too cute!! I think I will look into getting some made!

    1. They are great to toss in with orders or keep in your wallet! :)



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