Aug 17, 2012

Fan Mail Friday 8.17.12

I love handmade gifting for birthdays! And Tracy did a lot of handmade gifting for her daughters birthday this year - a shirt from Southern Style Stitches, bows from Mollie Moe Bows, and a Mon-stor from yours truly!

SO cute!
I love this picture!! Tracy's daughter is so stinkin' cute, I love her hair! :D

If you haven't checked out Cari's and Jennifer's shop yet, you should! They are both amazing crafters!

Do you buy handmade gifts for birthdays? Have you ever gotten a handmade gift you loved? Tell us about it!


  1. She's too cute!! I loved making her bows and Candy Land bottle cap magnets as party favors. Handmade parties are the best!



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