Aug 17, 2012

Finally sewing again!

I spent all day yesterday unpacking my sewing supplies and setting my studio back up. Right now, we are going through a nightmare with the car troubles (I will write about it in a later post after we talk to the owner of the company. That's how far up we are having to go to get this thing sorted out! It's been dreadful!) so there's no point in keeping everything packed up since we have no clue when we can move and I am going bonkers not being able to sew.

Unpacking was a lot more fun than packing it all up! I took extra time sorting my fabric by type + colors.

And I turned the shelves in the closet into a space to hold craft show supplies + promotional materials (extra business cards, goodies for packages, etc) and also I have a cute little divided bucket I forgot to photograph that I sorted stickers to decorate packages, markers for labeling, and tape into for packaging orders!

And my bulb in my studio blew, so we had this brilliant idea to hang green LED lights around my studio. The effect is pretty funky - it creates a great atmosphere for middle of the work day dance parties. :D

Me hanging the lights.

Jessica hanging some of them + a view of my space!

When I have my task lights on, you can barely see the green tinge at all since the bright white washes it out, but they still twinkle and look cute! And ironically right after we finished I went in our bedroom and found a bulb for my ceiling fixture. Haha!

So today I did some final touched around my studio, sorted my threads and finished unpacking supplies and cleaning out the boxes. Then I decided to sew! I was going to work on trick or treat monster totes but my rotary mat is messed up for getting squished between two boxes I am trying to flatten that under a heavy box. So I made this Mon-stor instead!

His name is Jilbert - you can see more photos of him here! I have more fabric combos laid out for this weekend - enough for at least five trick or treat totes, and these for Mon-stors:

Orange fur and monster print!

Green fur and monster print!

Spotted fabric with striped lining in candy colors!

Mint fur with a yellow/white striped vintage sheet for liner!
 Excited to spend the weekend sewing! ♥ I have missed it a lot this past week!

which of the Mon-stor fabric combos do you like the best?


  1. Love the green monster fur and the lil monster combo - so cute!

    Thanks for linking up to the Keep Calm & Link Up party - see you next week!

  2. I absolutely love your mon-stors they are so adoreable..I feel ya on move thing we shall be doing it soon from Fl to Mi..and I am half packed lol..We are staying with a relative while we look for houses..So I will be working out of packed boxes..I am excited to get a room for my work once we are settled..I love yours cool idea hun! :)

    1. Thanks Dianna! Good luck with your move, I hope it goes much smoother than ours did/is! lol!

  3. Love it! He's such a cute mon-stor! I think my favorite is the candy colors :) Thanks so much for sharing at my Throwback Thursday party, I hope to see you again this wee :)

    1. Thanks, Britni! I will definitely stop back by! :)



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