Aug 21, 2012

I bought a Snuggie. $20 Tuesday

I hate to admit. But I bought a Snuggie. I found it at a thrift store Monday for $3.99. And it is amazing. I can't wait to cut it up and turn it into Mon-stors!

But before I could cut into it, I had to see what all the rage was about. So I tried it on.

And I felt totally ridiculous.

1. That book "Sweethearts" is a really, really good book. 2. Isn't that rainbow pillow AWESOME?! My other thrift find yesterday.
I also scored these cute cards! Six packs of 15 cards, $1 each! Still in original packaging, marked $9.99 each on the back. Woot! I won't be needing thank you cards for a while!

 All total, I only spent $13, on 90 cards, an incredible rainbow pillow and a Snuggie. Fabric pickings were slim this trip. That's okay though! I have another excursion planned for next week!

In case ya didn't know, I buy the majority of my fabrics for Mon-stors at thrift stores. Blankets, sheets, curtains, fabric yardage, robes, pajamas - even Snuggies - can be turned into a Mon-stor. And by shopping at thrift stores, I am reducing unnecessary waste and environmental pollution by buying gently used materials instead of buying newly manufactured fabrics from big box stores. This also make each Mon-stor one of a kind and very special because I will probably never have the same fabric combo again! :)

Be honest, do you or does someone you know own a Snuggie?


  1. What great deals you got! I agree about the would make better MonStors. I also appreciate the fact that you reduce, reuse and recycle. Have a great week...

  2. I have a snuggie. =) It's hot pink and covered in a bunch of tinkerbells. It was a gift. =) I won't lie...I totally use it as a blanket when I'm watching tv after the kids are in bed. If I put my arms in the sleeves my cat attacks though. >.<

  3. If anyone can rock a snuggie - it is you!

  4. The snuggie looks really comfortable and you are looking fabuloustic in it woman ridiculous NOT!!

  5. I have snuggie! It was a gift from my husband in an attempt to lower our heating bills. I freeze all winter but my hubby wont turn the heat up past 60. I rarely wear it as a snuggie though i typically just use it as a blanket.



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