Aug 21, 2012

Watch me in action! (video)

I was puttering around on Youtube last night making playlists, and I found this video I had totally forgotten about! People always ask me how I make my colorful Mon-stor eyes, so I filmed it. It's really very simple, I just use a tight zig zag stitch with variegated threads. :)

I know, the video isn't very exciting. Haha! BUT I have been toying with the idea of vlogs or video interviews/tutorials for a while. The only time I have ever been filmed was this past April, so I am kind of nervous to record a vlog. Besides, I'm not sure what I would talk about!

What do you think? Would you like to see a vlog by me? What would you like to see me to talk about?


  1. Okay, I have to admit something to you right now... I have NEVER used my machine that fast before in my life, and I have been sewing now for... Probably close to 30 years. OMG, that makes me sound REALLY old, doesn't it? But I started using a sewing machine at about 10, and that was 27 years ago, so... Wow... I bow to your greatness. :)

    1. Really?! I have downgraded to a Brother machine since Bernie (my Bernina I was using in the video) needs to visit the shop, and I find myself constantly frustrated by how slow it is compared to Bernie!



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