Sep 28, 2012


In case you hadn't noticed, Mollie Moe Bows doesn't exist anymore.

But no worries! Cari is still rocking out with Mollie Dollies, Mollipops, and Mollie Moe Bows - she just underwent a major make over and rebrand and is now operating as The Mollie Shop!

Wanna help promote her new shop? Grab her button for your blog and link it here!

And of course, since it's all rainbow-y awesome (and well, because it's Cari!) I had to know WHY. So, I asked her. I said:

Cari, I mustache you some questions.
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What made you decide to rebrand? 

Well... I was going to shave it for later but I guess I'll tell you now!

 After I started selling Mollipops(children's necklaces) it made sense to tie all my products together so now The Mollie Shop sells Mollipops, Mollie Moe Bows, and Mollie Dollies!

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I LOVE your color choices! What influenced you when designing your new look? 

The Fantabulous Rainbow Giveaway! Everyone swooned over the colors of all the items in the giveaway. It made everyone so cheerful! That's what I wanted for my store front, happy and cheerful.
Were there any other contending name choices for The Mollie Shop?  What were the runners up? Yes! The Mollipop Shop was a close second!

Did you have any prototypes for your new look before you chose the beautiful rainbow theme? 

No I knew that's what I wanted and I love how it all came together!

 Click to visit The Mollie Shop!

Does this rebrand affect the inventory in your shop? 
No not at all, if anything, there will be more. I'm definitely going to offer more Mollie Dollies ready to purchase.

 Cari made this custom Mollie Dollie to look like my son! Contact her to create a custom Mollie Dollie for your little one! 

Oh, and Cari has a special announcement -

To celebrate my rebranding, I am donating a Halloween themed Witch Mollie Dollie to the Spooktacular Giveaway October 12th-14th!

How cool is that doll?!

The Spooktacular complete prize list goes up October 1st - can't wait to show you the other goodies that will be up for grabs!

What do you think of Cari's new look? Isn't it spectacular?!


  1. I love the rebranded look! Splendid job!

    1. :) I am a huge fan of the new look, too! Rainbows, yay!!

  2. Love the rebrand!So fun. Also the Mollie Dollies are adorable!

    1. My son loves his Mollie Dollie - he is getting a new one for Christmas!

  3. Thanks for featuring my store again! I'm pumped for the Big Halloween Giveaway and I seriously can't wait to see what the other sponsors are contributing. We have such an amazing list of artists!

  4. I love the rebrand look. Love the creative form she used.

  5. I love these dolls! They are so cute. How have I not been following you already girl. I am so your newest follower

    1. Cari's dolls are great! :) I super love the one I got for my son (he's holding it right now!) and he is getting another for Christmas! :)



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