Sep 24, 2012

October Giveaway Sponsors Announced!

Woot! I have a finalized sponsor list for the big Spooktacular giveaway happening on my blog October 12th-14th! :) We have twenty (20!!!!!!!!!!!) sponsors! How spectacular is that?! I can't wait to show off the prize package October 1st! :D

I am working artists features, showcases and collecting guest posts from the sponsors right now. It's going to be two weeks of handmade awesomeness on my blog! October 1st the giveaway prize package reveal goes up, and every day until the 12th 1-2 artist features, showcases, interviews or guest posts will go up so you can get to know the sponsors! :) It's going to be so much fun!

Here's our sponsor list! Pop by their shops and check out their great goods! :)

  1. Lu & Ed (Woop!)
  2. The Mollie Shop
  3. The Marker Maiden
  4. Southern Style Stitches
  5. Heart Felt Design
  6. Bandtail Boutique
  7. Streeter, Ultd
  8. Krafts by Kondrot
  9. Frankenstitch
  10. Squshies
  11. The Individuality
  12. fAveritte
  13. Eighty Acres Art
  14. A Simply Enchanted Life
  15. Knotty Nerdsery
  16. Stacey Jean
  17. Kaitie Monda
  18. Little Green Guy
  19. Doodle La
  20. Home is with You
  21. Bubblewrapp'd
And there you have it! All 21 amazing, beautiful, unique artists all offering up a prize for one lucky winner!

are you excited for this Spooktacular giveaway?!


  1. WOW. I'm honored to be grouped with these amazing artists! Can't wait to see all the featured posted from everyone.

    1. So honored to have you as a part of our grand giveaway! Thank you for participating!

  2. What a great group! Thanks for letting me participate. This is going to be awesome!

    1. Thank YOU for participating! So very excited to have you as past of this awesome group of sponsors!

  3. So Excited for all of the prizes in this giveaway!!

  4. I'm excited for all of the prizes, what an amazing giveaway!!! :)



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