Sep 1, 2012

Monster totes are now LIVE in the shop!

Yay! The time has finally come, and monster totes are available for sale in my shop!

These guys make great trick or treat totes, library book backs, over night bags for the kids or just cute totes for toys and snacks in the car!

Also, pop over to Streeter, Ultd for her Small Business Saturday link up - she featured Lu & Ed today! And there is a special coupon code for readers in her blog! ;)

To celebrate the launch of monster totes, let's talk Halloween! What are your kids going to dress up as this year?


  1. Those are cute I love the last one. Right now unless things change the girls are going to match. Z will be Mario and B will be toad!

    1. So cute!!! G has no clue what he wants to be yet. We need to get together soon lady! :D



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