Oct 10, 2012

It's a cat! It's a ladybug! It's... Lady Gato?

That's right - this prize from Frankenstitch Productions is a kitty monster plush dressed up for Halloween - as a ladybug! It doesn't get much more rad than that, my friends!

Frankenstitch Productions creates handcrafted plush monstas for kids of all ages! Frankenstitch was founded in Flint, MI in Dec. of 2001 by Steph Bills, who says occasionally F.P. goes on extreme tangents and makes accessories of all sorts. You just never know what Steph will have in store for you - she creates like I do, everything’s created on a whim! So if you fall in love with one of Steph's monstas in her shop, you best get it while the gettin’s good because each monsta is one of a kind! Steph does not use patterns so even if there are two blue beavers monstas, no two are going to turn out identical. Just like people they all have different characteristics. Steph does custom orders, too, so if there’s anything you don’t see but want hit her up via Twitter or Facebook

Steph says "There’s never a dull moment in the house of Frankenstitch Productions we like to keep it goofy, keeps life fun." Check out her personal blog to learn more about Steph and her crazy cool and colorful life! And you can visit this blog here to learn about each Monsta's personal story!

Do you have any seasonal items in your shop?

Yes! Items range from Halloween crayons, stickers, hand held ghost plush, pumpkin men, and soft sculpture mummies and zombies - since they are more detailed I like to display them as home decor on a shelf, couch or suspended from the ceiling with fishing line. 

Have you done anything special for Halloween with your monsters in the past?

Halloween 2010 we went all out I curated a show called 'Monsta Mash' with the help of two great friends, Matthew and Nikki Osmon

I loved it and since it’s that time of year I want to share, I did not have enough time, money or energy for this type of event this year but definitely hope to do another in the future.

 What is your favorite think about Autumn?

Fall is my ultimate favorite season. I love everything about it. I love the cool air and the crisp leaves that rustling against my shoes that get stuck in my pant cuffs. The colors are so beautiful they warm the cockles in my heart. The animals at this time of year are so busy packing away their peanuts in the hole torn up grass. We love our 3 city squirrels so much we’ve made friends my daughters Olive Mae (3) and step daughter Kami (10) named them Cake, KiKi, Chachy. They are the most socialized squirrels I’ve yet to meet. I love pumpkin everything lets just say I’m a pumpkin freak, if it’s in the ingredients I’m prolly putting it in the cart.

What are you dressing up as this year? What about your kids?
For topic of dressing up this year I most likely will not, if I’m not required I usually stick to my uniform of blue jeans, plain t-shirt and a hoodie- by then I’ll prolly of retired the Birks and moved on to sneaks. But for sure my toddler Olive Mae will be decked out this year we have come to the agreement that she’s gonna be a super hero ‘Super Olive.’ I see the costume consisting of a sweet super hero eye mask (pink) a lil’ flat green olive hat, sweet striped arm and leg warmers atop of leggings with briefs over them and a long sleeved shirt. Here is pic from last year she was a green olive burger she wore this 2 years in a row it was a hit!!

If you decide I’m your cup of tea and start to follow my Frankenstitch blog I’ll be sure to post the pics from this holiday - life with that kid is just a good time, she’s so cool and I’m so lucky!! <3 font="font">
Do you decorate for Halloween?

We are big fans of Halloween! We love our pumpkins, and if they rot we’re doing 10 more so they are lasting till Halloween. We are fans of garland and mom (me) has a thing for installations as I’ve shown you (in the monsta mash pics) so there’s clouds suspended from the ceiling with the orange harvest moon, ghosts and gravestone pillows. Skeletons hang from the art tree next to the pinterest found yarn monsters and pipe cleaner spiders crawl the shelves. Pumpkin candles fill the air and soup simmers to remind up fall is here.

What was your most epic Halloween costume?

I will have to say it was the last minute beaver suit that saved the day, making it epic. I was invited to a sweet Halloween party (2006) I was not going to miss and did not want to be crowned as LAME. Ha. I cut the arms, attached buttons and sewed up the mask, and a giant 2.5ft tail topped off the suit. I’d say it took about 30 min to execute that get up. It was a fun night at the party a name tag was slapped on my hoodie labeled ‘Angry Beaver.’ Lol

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

My favorite thing about Halloween would be watching all the little rug rats scour the streets for as much candy as they can possible carry and watching the way the conduct theirselves and the sounds of shuffling leaves along the way.
My favorite Halloween candy ha I just realized I don’t even know its name, well anyways it’s the peanut butter chews in the orange and black waxy paper wrappers. I am a chocolate freak too – that and pumpkin are pretty much tied.

What about fall and Halloween inspires your crafty business?

Fall and Halloween bring cool weather. This makes me crave comfort and routine. First of all there’s always coffee involved in the process it allows for full success of powering through a project no matter the size and I love watching random shows, movies, raunchy comedians, and or just listening to awesome music till the wee hours of the night with my side kick Birtha. Birtha is my sewing machine- I call her Birtha cause since I adopted her she’s been birthing out the monstas- she is one of my favorite material companions. I think that October is defiantly a monstas month to shine. October is very inspiring to me, time to honker down for the fall/winter and get down to business. I love the fall it is my absolute favorite. Fall is a time to reflect and slow our gears. In Flint, Mi mother nature has us hustling to pick up our gardens and pack up our outdoor toys and hole up in our cozy spaces we live and do what makes us happiest, for me it’s nonstop creating whether it’s for Frankenstitch, an art project with my daughters  or a project around the house.   

A final note from Steph: Never give up on your dreams, keep on keepin’ on and you will be all that you can and want to be.

Much love to all ……..and best wishes and luck for your chance to WIN the raffle ♥



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