Oct 10, 2012

Careful - they bite!

I know, you never think they will, but sometimes little munstah's can bite! ;) How sweet is this chevron bib from Southern Stytle Stitches? I love the contrast of it - so cute!

Southern Style Stitches is owned by Southern belle Jennifer, who I met in a crafting forum (she rocks!), and she offers a wide variety of things for all ages. Most of the items she sells are customized for each individual and their personality. Just to list a few things you will find in her shop are bibs, burp cloths, can koozies, coffee cup koozies, many styles of boutique clothing, party hats, stuffed toys, gift card holders, clutches, and much much more!And it is all SO cute - Jennifer has such an amazing eye for fabric and color combos! Check out her Facebook page to see more of creations and also keep your eyes out for flash deals she hosts on her page!

 Do you have any seasonal items in your shop right now?

We offer a lot of seasonal items which include gift card holders, tea light covers, nugget holders, clothing, candy holders, and bibs which are my best sellers.

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

My favorite thing about Autumn is watching the leaves and trees change.

What are you dressing up for as Halloween? What about your kids?

I don't usually dress up for Halloween but I was talked into dressing up as a pirate a few years ago! My kids LOVE it and look forward to Halloween every year. I'm not sure what they will be going as this year but I see princesses, super heroes, and something silly for my oldest being likely.

Do you decorate for Halloween/Autumn? How?

I don't usually decorate much for the season. My kids are getting at the age where they like to do crafts so maybe this year we will cut out pumpkins and ghost and string them up as garland!

 What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

My favorite thing about Halloween is watching all the kids use their imagination to come up with what they want to dress up as.

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

My favorite Halloween candy would have to be candy corn!

How does the season inspire your creative business?
I think watching the leaves and trees start to change get me in the mood for fall!

Aren't Jennifer's creations just sweet and adorable?! Our question for readers - 

Do you prefer cute and sweet Halloween costumes and decorations, or gory and spooky?


  1. I love these!
    I nominated you for an award! Go check it out

    1. Thank you Tiffanie! I will do this after the giveaway is over! :)

  2. That bib is with "Lil Munstahs" is adorable! Wish my kids were still young enough to need one... I'd grab that up.

    New follower sent from Life with the Little Man and congrats on your nomination!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Robin! Don't forget to come by Friday to enter the giveaway!

  3. I found your page through TheStreetersUltd. I love your products! They are so freaking cute! I will definitely be checking out your store around Christmas!

    1. Yay, that is great to hear! Thanks for checking out my shop, you rock! :)



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